Reservation Process

The first step in the process is to fill out the pre-booking form. This information is necessary to contact the resort to verify the availability of the accommodation.

After we receive and process the request, if availability is confirmed, you will be provided a rental agreement via e-mail. You will need to read, print, sign, scan and send this document back.

We consider the signed rental agreement to be your intent to rent the property. Upon receipt of a valid rental agreement, an invoice will be sent via PayPal.

Once you payment has been processed, you will receive an confirmation e-mail with your reference number and resort information.

You must then book your flights and forward the arrival flight details to [email protected] so we can arrange your transfer to the resort. The ride to the resort is approximately 40 minutes.

After your plane touches down, the Dominican Republic requires you to pay a $10 arrival tax per person. After going through the Dominican Republic immigration, walk out of the airport and there will be a driver holding you name, and you will be escorted to the car/van taking you to the resort.

Once you arrive at the resort you will be welcomed at the VIP reception for check in. It is at this time your all-inclusive fees are payable. You can find these rates on the rate page. When traveling internationally, remember to contact your credit card company and provide your vacation details to prevent any service interruptions while traveling.

After paying the all-inclusive fee, VIP wristbands will be attached to each member of the party. Verify with the representative that they have you departure information and confirm the time they want you at the reception area for your transportation back to the airport.

First Class VIP Vacations are Certified Platinum Members of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club; under this agreement we are able to re-sell the VIP accommodations. Prices quoted are for the accommodation and airport transfer from Puerto Plata airport (POP). You must book your own flights and pay the all-inclusive fees and excursions.

Thank You for your interest in First Class VIP Vacations.